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I'm very interested in purchase a copy of the book. Please let me know how much it cost and wich method of paiment we can use.

Stephen Walker

Please contact me. i would love to purchase one of these works of art. Looks incredible!

Norman Granada

Hello Paul
I'd like to know what is the price for 3 versions of book.It looks realy good. Thank's

Franck Monteil

my name is Franck.i'm sorry but i don't speak english,just a little...:)
je suis vraiment très très intéressé par ces reliures.votre travail est réellement impressionnant.
j'aimerais avoir d'autres renseignements.à savoir le prix ainsi que le temps que vous pouvez mettre.je suis vraiment très intéressé pour acquérir ces oeuvres.
contacter moi s'il vous plaît.j'attend avec impatience de vos nouvelles.
d'avance,je vous remerci...:)


Paul.....All 3 versions have just arrived!!!! and I am in awe of the quality....simply superb, just magnificent! no-one has ever produced anything like this, I thought the price was a lot but they were far too cheap!! thanks ;) I cannot put them down, the leather binding is fantastic it looks and feels 17century the text is amazing and thank you for all the extra wood cuts and extra blank pages, I a lot of folk will be talking about my books for a long time, can't wait to show them ;)....thanks Paul you're a genius!!!! Angel.

jeff harris

Hello, I'm interested in commissioning a copy of your fine workmanship of the ninth gate book please contact me with a quote thank you.


I am interested in your work. Please contact me with information regarding the cost of commissioning a copy. Beautiful, interesting workmanship. Thank you!


yes i am very interested in getting a copy of this book. Please email me back with details and costs.
many thanks.


Hi, as all the above i am interested in buying a copy of the ninth gate can you let me know. thanks


I am interested in your work. Please contact me with information regarding the cost of commissioning a copy. Beautiful workmanship. Thank you

Allan Choo

Hi My name is Allan. I am extremely interested in your "star burst" LCF plates version of Nonus Porta...The Ninth Gate. Please contact me, I'm interested in purchase and item details.


Hello My name is Andrew im very interested in the book the nine gates of the kingdom of shadows i have been searching for a real version so please send me the purchasing info


if you sells this books please contact me
I´m very interested


i am interested in purchasing a copy of this book. please email me the price and other info. thanks so much

peter barrafato

I am VERY interested in puchasing a copy og this book. Please email me back with the required details. ie. cost, time to produce it.
thank you very much

Sebastiaan Leschot

Amazing work really fantastic how much would it cost to buy this book..??
Please contact me

richard hackathorn

how much does it cost


Perfect art with an excellent piece of evil. I'm interested in a copy of the book. please let me know how much it cost.

Jeffrey Edwin VanDerMeulen

I am extremely interested. Please contact me, I'm interested in purchase and item details.

levi adame

great work how much would it cost me for a copy?


Just Amazing!! Excellent workmenship!! A lost art that you reconstruct!

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